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What is your IT background?

Zaco started from a small team and developed into a trusted and reliable tech partner for enterprises and startups that knows how to scale up your business.

What is your company's core expertise?

At first, we did HR, marketing, and development for companies, and then we decided to focus on the industry we are experts in - development from scratch.

Helping clients to bring innovations to life

As a progressive software development company, we use popular technologies and have more than 5 years of experience. We want to grow your business using innovative solutions and provide you with transparent and high-quality services.

Zaco focuses on new features and tools, product business logic and constant improvement. Our clients call us "a lifetime strategic partner", which is our main aim.

We focus on the industry we are experts in - development from scratch.

Flexible Approach at Your Service

We apply Agile methodologies to achieve success and address the requirements specific to each project. Our team promotes transparency and ease of communication through Slack, Jira, and other tools. At Zaco we believe in the client-first approach to development. We provide flexible options that respond to ongoing changes in the project workflow. You can choose between our several business and engagement models depending on your needs.
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